Tale Of Aurezu - Documentary About Afghanistan
      21 - 11 - 2005 by Samie Khan Sagzai - Mastana.net

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HOLLAND, Nov 21 (MASTANA.NET): Since few years allot of documentaries have been made in Afghanistan about the people, history, landscape, war, goverment and so on. Now, in few weeks 'The Tale Of Aurezu' will be released, But the fact that this film is telling a personal story of an Afghan girl makes it unique.

Aurezo, is an Afghan girl who lives in the USA, afther long time she is going back to Afghanistan, and tells her heart touching story. She Gets reunited with her family, and we see in this documentary what Afghan have experienced during the years of war and the terror of the warlords.

Beside the Story and information, this documentary also shows the pure and beautiful Afghan landscape, backend with the melodies Of Afghan artists like Farhad Darya, Baryalai Samadi, Mariam Wafa and Other popular Afghan musicians.

The Documentary is produced by White Tara Productions (WTP), independent production company specializing in documentaries on social and development-related issues.
"The goal of our film is to shed light on the challenges and struggles faced by Afghan men, women and children today: their experiences past and present, their ideas and beliefs and, perhaps most importantly of all, their hopes and aspirations for their country's future."

The 2 Main persons behind this project are Catherine Boyle & Gianluca Di Santo, both are proffesionals . Catherine has a Masters degree in documentary filmmaking. And Gianluca is an accomplished photographer and software engineer.

The Documentary "The Tale OF Aurezu" will be released in December 2005. It will have English and Dutch subtitles.
Mastana.net will inform you about this documentary in the comming few weeks.

- Official Website Of White Tara Productions 
- The Tale of Aurezu - Trailer

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