World's Oldest Person : An Afghan!
      22 - 09 - 2005 by Mastana Entertainment

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Holland (Mastana Special Report) 20 September, while reading news articles about Afghan Elections on 'Pajhwok News' My eye fell on this Article about an 130 Year old man from Khost who was very happy to vote.

Pattak Khan is from the IsmailKhel district of soutern-Khost province, said that he is pleased that men and women are taking part in building Afghanistan.

If Pattak Khan is really 130 years old, then he is the oldest living person! Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper was from The Netherlands, and was officially the oldest living person for more then 6 Years. The Dutchwomen died on 30 August in her sleep at a nursing home in the northern Dutch town of Hoogeveen. The title for the oldest person in the world has now passed to American Elisabeth Bolden, born on Aug. 15, 1890, while the world's oldest living man on record, is Puerto Rican Emiliano Mercado Del Toro, born on Aug. 21, 1891.

Talking to, Khalid Hadi (a respected Afghan journalist and Photographer) said "In Afghanistan there are alot of people who are older then 100, but notting is arranged to help these people and bring the news out to the world, Its the job of our goverment to nominate these persons to Guinness World Records." agree with Khalid Hadi, Afghan Goverment should nominate these people, so Afghans and Afghanistan will get some attention from the world press, not becouse of another kidnapping or killing but because of something that good for the name of Afghans And Afghanistan.

The Pashtun Pattak Khan lived through the time when there was no electricity till now: the Digital Revolution. He survived Alot of Afghan wards and regimes, some of them are listed here:
- Afghan Civil War, 1863-79
- Second Anglo-Afghan ward that was in 1878-80
- Russo-Afghan War of 1885...
- Third Anglo-Afghan War 1919
- Afghan Civil War 1928-29
- Pakhtunistan Crisis 1955-57
- Pakhtunistan Crisis 1961-63
- Afghan Republican Coup 1973
- Afghan Marxist Coup 1978
- US Ambassador: Afghanistan 1979
- Amin's Coup: Afghanistan 1979
- Soviet Occupation: Afghanistan 1979-88
- The Civel wars, U.S.A. bombings(...) wishes Pattak Khan and his family a happy live, and hopes for his healt.

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