Nazia Iqbal, one of the most Popular female singer nowdays in Pashtunkhwa, and Afghanistan, Got married with the love of her life: Jawid. Nazia had plans to marry, but due problems in her personal life it was not posible. Few days Ago she was in Dubai for a concert, and announced that she started a new life with Jawid.

Jawid is from Ningarhar, He is from a musical family, so Nazia will Continue singing.

Nazia Iqbal, became very popular in PashtunKhwa, and Afghainstan in a very short period. She sang mainly in Pashto, but she also did few albums and VCDs in Farsi (dari) language. Team wishes Nazia Iqbal ...many, many years of happiness and memories.

"Allah de da har cha da zra Arman Poora key, laka zama da zra Arman che poora sho".

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