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KABUL - 25-10-2005 ( - The spokeman of ministry of Culture and Media Mr Stanikzai confirmed in a press conference that John Abraham and Arshad Warsi are in Kabul.'s reporter in Kabul, Mr Fraidoon Was there and reported the fallowing:

John Abraham is in Kabul for the shooting of a new movie called ''Kabul Express''. This movie is an Yash Raj Film, and is directed and writen by Kabir Khan. The movie will be about the time of Taliban in Afghanistan.

John Abraham along with Arshad Warsi will play the role of TV journalists. John will be shown as a director and Arshad as a cinematographer. Both will be sent to cover the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The film depicts a journey of five people travelling from Kabul to the outskirts of Pakistan. In Afghanistan, everything is quite dangerous and the army comes to drop journalists in helicopters and leaves. What happens to them after that and how they make their way across to Pakistan, is what "Kabul Express" is about. "Kabul Express" is a film, with heaps of action and reality. People will come to know what actually happened during the war through the film.

Beside Indian Actors also Afghan and Pakistani actors will take place in the movie.
A team of 90 people is in Kabul for the shooting of the movie. The movie Shooting will take arround 3 months.

This is not the first time that the Indian Film Industry visits Kabul. In the past allot of movies are shooted in Afghanistan. One very famous from that list is the movie Khuda Gawa ( With Amitabh Bachchan & SriDivi in 1992 ) . And is in the hope more international movie makers will come to Afghanistan and present Afghanistan in a good way to the world.

Article By Fraidoon for in Kabul - Translated to English by Samie Sagzai.

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