Farhad Darya has been poisoned in Los Angeles Ca.
      10 - 01 - 2006 by Afghan2Afghan.com

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On Dec 31. 2005 in Anaheim South of California Farhad Darya was performing in New Year Evening to crowd of 3000 to 4000 Afghans. Two hours after the concert, promoters cancelled the concert and moved Farhad Darya from stage. Later Farhad Darya was rushed to hospital and hours later released.
Farhad Darya claims he was poisoned.

According Farhad Darya, he consumes 10 - 15 bottles of water for prevention of dehydration while performing. He assumes that someone has poisoned him through his water bottles.
Farhad Darya is in good health and has been released from Hospital.

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