Few months ago we had promised our visitors an interview with Afghanistan's most popular singer: Farhad Darya.
But due the busy schedule of Farhad Darya and his tour we couldn't catch him to do an inerview.

Few weeks ago Farhad Darya was guest in BBC Persian, and one of our visitors asked him about Mastana. Farhad Darya promised that he will do the interview with Mastana.net and Samsoor.com afther the Tour. [ Listen ]

We Give you the chance to post your comments and ask your questions to Farhad Darya, all your comments and questions will be handed over to Farhad Darya. So please be civil in posting.

We will try to include as most as questions in the audio interview as we can, so that you can get your answer in Farhad Darya's own voice.

 Ask Your Questions

Ask your Questions

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