Farhad Darya's Concert in Hamburg - Germany
12 November 2005

Farhad darya concert in Hamburg 12 November 2005
Farhad darya continues his tour as we speak. His past concerts ( Denmark, Sweden, Toronto, Hamburg and Essen ) were very successful. I managed to visit a few of them and here is a short review of his Hamburg concert.

The concert was held at CCH congress centre at the centre of Hamburg. It was a very nice and big hall that can contain up to 3000 people. The show was planned to start at 8 PM. Many visitors were from other places ( me, being one of them ) like Denmark, Holland and other places in Germany like Berlin. It was pretty croudy and there were people of all ages. They started to let people get in around 7 PM and the hall started to fill pretty quick. Another positive side of this concert was the fact that every seat and row had a number, so you couldn`t just go and sit where ever you pleased. The quicker you bhought your ticket ( which was also available online via German websites ), the more chance you had for a good spot. We bhought our tickets two weeks before the concert so we had great seats.

The concept of the concert was pretty much the same as his Denmark concert ( which I also visited ). He started off with the same song ( dokhtar amu jan ) and continued the concert with slow songs like "Ansoye Darya", "Deltangee Emshab", "Khelwate Ku" and "Khusham Meyayad". Zahir Howeida was also present at the event and Farhad had made him a song for his 60th birthday which he also sung. After a full hour of relaxed, slow songs, he introduced his musicians (Siar Hashemi, Khaled Kayhan, Ali Howeida, Khalil Gudaz, Bulgarian jazz player and guitarist) and after that it was time for mast songs like "Sheeshta Baashom", "Babulaal", "Salaam Afghanistan" and "Bibi Welayat". He also sung a new song which he had created in ghazal style, called "Kuchaye Entezaar". And finally, he ended the concert with a few pashto songs like "Mastemange bar" and "Lailo Wara Da Lailo".

As I said, the concept was the same as his Denmark concert, so I guess he uses this concept for his hole tour. His folowing concerts will be in Frankfurt, Munchen, Los Angeles and London-(2006). For people living near those cities, I recommend you to visit the event, because it is worth it, all the way ;)

Concert Review By Temorkhan For Mastana.net

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