Farhad Darya's Concert in Denmark
17 September 2005

Farhad Darya had a concert yesterday ( September 17th 2005 ). The concert was held in Denmark, and it was the first Europe concert of his 2005 tour. The venue was near Copenhagen, called Albertslund. Thankfully it was a place that was not hard to reach.

Me, my cousin and some friends decided to attend this event, even though we live in Holland. We had already planned this trip when the concert was officially announced on Farhad Darya`s official website. We left Holland around 6 AM in the morning and had a long way to go, but eventually we arrived there around 4 PM. The show was 4 hours away from starting, but even at that early time we saw Afghan people hanging around everywhere from all places, like Sweden, Germany and other parts of Denmark. I could hardly wait to see my favourite artist perform for us again after a very long time..

At last, after 4 hours of eagerly waiting, the show started. The hall was fully packed and there was hardly a place to stand. The concert started off with a new singer by the name of Hamed. In his recent concerts, Farhad gives new and young artists the chance to perform in Afghan communities and helps them further in their music. In the first hour (8-9 PM) we got to see this new artist perform and he sang a few nice mast songs. After that, at last, Farhad Darya would perform for us. I waited very long for that moment ( not just that day, ever since his 2001 concert in Hamburg ).

He made a superb intro, singing dokhtar amu jan, with very nice and fashionable clothes.. looking like a youngster himself which I liked very much. This was a whole new Farhad, changed in every way. His performing style had completely changed and improved. He appeared more younger and even more creative than before. Farhad has always managed to surprise me and other fans, and this is one thing that’s very unique about him. Just when you think that he has fully reached the top, he proves that he can go even higher. He gave many fans standing near the stage a hand and welcomed all of the people. Fans had surrounded the stage and they all wanted to see their favourite artist from nearby and they all wanted to give him a hand. The show was for everyone, weather they were young, old, ladies or boys, everyone was enjoying the show.

Farhad said to start the evening slow, so he sang some of his nice slow songs like “ansoye darya”, “aakher ba paiye ishqe tu”, “khelwate ku” and ustad Awalmeer his “sta de stergo”. The music arrangement was also very professional and had improved even more since Darya`s past shows. After the introduction of his musicians, he started the mast songs. He sang songs like “Gul Sanam”, “Salaam Afghanistan”, “Bibi Welayat”, “Sheeshta Baashom” and “Speena Rupei”. I had the chance to ask him to sing some songs since I was standing near the stage. I also got the chance to see and speak to him after the concert. I did not get a lot of time, since many fans wanted to see him and were standing in a big line. I got a few seconds, told him a few things and made a picture. I got a little bit more time with him since I went there all the way from Amsterdam. After the concert, we went straight back to Holland, thinking of the great show on the road and already waiting for the 12th. Of November where he would perform again, in Hamburg.

In other words, it was an amazing event, which I will never forget. His next concert is in Sweden, and after that he has a tour in Germany which I will also attend, ba khair. More reviews will follow after the upcoming concerts. ;)

By Temorkhan For Mastana.net

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